Amazing Weekend Sahavas

Music Sahavas 2014

Beloved Baba made His presence known during this wonderful three day event. Thank You, Baba. We want to graciously thank the working Committee led by  Winnie Barrett who was inspired to create the Avatar Meher Baba Music Sahavas four years ago. The other committee members were: Michael Ivey, Barbra Katzenberg, Sandy Konkel, Susan McKendree, Lisa Morice and Lynn Pace. Their duties were too numerous to mention but endless details in the name of the Beloved. Kristine Zalewski, Philip Ludwig, Lindsay O’keefe and Bruce Felknor also gave their all, and then more.

The workshop leaders were marvelous. Tuberrose in bloom brought us into the atmosphere of the Samadhi and colorful bouquets added bright color and joy to the stage. Thank you to Debbie Nordeen for her contributions. Many volunteers helped out when we needed it. All for the love of The One, and the beautiful music created for Him.

Winnie is stepping down from her role in the Sahavas so now we are looking for someone to step up and coordinate this popular annual event.
Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!


Ward Parks
Jim Meyer
Julie Rust
David Miotke