Travels close to Asheville, N.C.

We are taking a brief journey on this page regarding the momentous events that occurred as Meher Baba traveled close to Asheville on his way to his accident in Prague, Oklahoma.



The Avatar of the Age had stated that he would shed blood on American soil and had even implied the exact date to Elizabeth Patterson. On May 24, 1932, Baba had bent down to pick up a small pink flower, which he handed to Elizabeth, saying, ¨Always keep this flower and write down today’s date. Someday you will know the meaning of it.1 ¨

Twenty years later Meher Baba and his close ones made this destined journey to Prague, Oklahoma where the Christ of the Age and his close ones shed blood in a horrific accident on May 24, 1952. Author Julia Ross began to see a correlation between Meher Baba’s journey to Oklahoma and one of the most notable and tragic events in the Native American history of this country, which is beautifully written and detailed in her book: Avatar Meher Baba and the Trail of Tears, A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Journey (See the bottom of this page and also the links section of this website regarding the book and MultiCultural Educational Publishing).2  

View from Caesars Head, South Carolina

View from Caesars Head, South Carolina


An hour and nine minutes away from Asheville, North Carolina is the State Park in South Carolina where Meher Baba and his traveling group stood atop one of the mountain outlooks to view Caesars Head and then he went to Brevard, a town only 34 minutes south of Asheville, where Baba and his traveling companions had lunch. They traveled through Franklin, North Carolina then headed to Murphy, North Carolina.

From Dr. Goher’s Diary-“May 21st 1952-   Left Columbia at 6:45 AM; passed the Blue (Ridge) Mountains with the most beautiful scenery; missed B at Laurens and we searched for B’s car at Greenville; B was upset but then he was very sweet; saw Caesars Head, beautiful view from Blue (Ridge) Mountains; Baba and we all got down; had hot dogs at Brevard (N.Carolina); Ham sandwiches and cakes. Lost my bag at Brevard. Passed beautiful countryside through mountains Pine woods, B was in good mood; at Murphy we looked round for quiet motel—stayed at Moreland Heights; had a kitchenette-we had light supper with tea.” 3

MorelandHeights hotel

MorelandHeights hotel

Trail of Tears Intersection | Former site of Fort Butler behind McDonald’s, Murphy, NC. Cherokees were interned at the Fort before their removal.

Trail of Tears Intersection | Former site of Fort Butler behind McDonald’s, Murphy, NC. Cherokees were interned at the Fort before their removal.


Murphy, North Carolina  is 111 miles southwest of Asheville and the town marks the beginning of  the Cherokee Nation tragedy called theTrail of Tears and Prague, Oklahoma, where Baba had his accident, was the end of the Trail of Tears.4

About half of the entire Cherokee nation was destroyed on the government’s forced removal to Oklahoma which started in Murphy. “To prevent removal from their ancient homeland in the southeast to Indian Territory the Cherokee argued their case in the United States Supreme Court and won-but were still driven from their homes into exile and destitution.” 5 By the time the Europeans arrived the Cherokee nation had controlled most of the central interior in the East in what would become Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama.6 North Carolina is now home to more Indians than any other state east of the Mississippi. 7

The Beloved Avatar of the Age left Murphy, North Carolina on Route 64 (which was one of the routes of the Trail of Tears) to shed his blood at the end in Prague, Oklahoma. This brief sojourn on the website is to give you a glimpse of Baba’s trip close to Asheville.

Those days were filled with ecstasy and bliss, people’s hearts were filled with great excitement of God-Man’s presence in the land of America. Little did the Americans know that the Avatar was destined to break his bones and shed his blood on this soil. 8

Former site of Fort Butler behind McDonald’s, Murphy, NC. Cherokees were interned at the Fort before their removal.  (left)

Murphy, NC Post Office is now site of former Moreland Heights Hotel(right)

All photos except the view from Caesars Head and Meher Baba’s photo reproduced from Trail Of Tears by Julia Ross with permission of the publisher, MultiCultural Educational Publishing-

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